STEM Fest in DC!

The USA Science & Engineering Festival is the largest celebration of STEM education – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – in the nation. On April 6, 7, and 8, 2018, more than 350,000 people descended on the expo where 3,000+ hands-on exhibits were staged by the world’s leading science and engineering societies, universities, government agencies, and high-tech corporations and organizations. And we were there!

Hosting a wide array of virtual reality experiences, we engaged with more than 3,000 users – many of who became repeat performers. Our users braved the waters and swam with sharks, played with pollinators in a giant garden, and watched a total solar eclipse.

Other virtual experiences featured some of nature’s most luminous life forms …  users learned about the chemistry behind the magical glow of fireflies, and the flashes of light in the deep sea created by bioluminescent organisms. Virtual reality presented the ideal medium for teaching about life thousands of feet below sea where inky darkness reigns. How else can we show and explain the brilliant blue alarm radiating from a frightened midwater jellyfish, or the unique yellow sparks spilling from a disturbed marine worm? Only an immersive experience in a virtual ocean can accomplish such a task.

We are now onto our next challenge – creating and engaging dragons in virtual and augmented realities. Stay tuned!

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